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Outsourced Controller / CFO

Beyond Bookkeeping: Outsourced CFO/Controller

There are times when your small business needs more accounting and financial advice than you can get from a bookkeeper or a tax preparer. It makes a difference to have timely numbers, but what do those numbers mean? What can you derive from those numbers to change the future and increase your bottom line? That’s when CFO-level and controller-level services can come in handy.

We help you make better financial, strategic, and operational decisions by offering the following services:

  • Financial statement review and analysis;
  • Review past trends to recommend strategies to increase growth and profits;
  • Plan for future growth and expenses with budgeting and forecasting;
  • Cash flow management and projections;
  • Track industry KPI’s and benchmarking to analyze your performance vs your industry;
  • Recommendations for internal controls;
  • Strategy for goal achievement;
  • Sounding board for business ideas;
  • Systems and workflow improvement;
  • Manage accounting and bookkeeping processes;
  • Accountant and bookkeeper selection, supervision, and training;
  • Internal controls to reduce the risk of fraud and theft;
  • Audit ready financial statements;
  • Get the most out of your numbers and accounting system beyond tax purposes;
  • Prepare for outside investment or funding.